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The developer hub lets you use the DfE’s APIs for accessing data.

Access is made using tokens, which you use when calling any of the APIs. You can access your tokens once you have subscribed to a product.

APIs are accessed over HTTPS and can return either JSON or XML data.

Getting started

To access the service, you need to:

You can view your product subscription keys, usage analytics and change your portal account details on your profile page.

Using APIs

You can test APIs from within the developer API pages to:

  • check the returned data

  • make sure you understand the required request values

To call the APIs from your own code you will need to:

  • make an HTTP request

  • include a custom request header named Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key

  • use your product subscription key as the value for custom request header

The service will return a 401 response with a message giving the reason for the failed request if either:

  • the header is missing

  • the subscription key given is invalid